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You return home at dusk and the exterior is softly lit. When you open the garage door, the security system shuts off, interior lights brighten and relaxing music plays in the kitchen. After dinner, you turn on a romantic scene of lights and music with your smartphone. Your shades have closed automatically and the temperature is adjusting to evening mode. At bedtime, a tap on your bedside controller activates the security system and soft music plays quietly, set to turn off shortly. This is today's smart home.

The purpose of home automation is to give you the ability to control every aspect of your home from almost anywhere. From traditional buttons to touchscreen interfaces and smartphone and tablet apps with remote capability, it's easy to interact with lighting, climate, security, multiroom audio and video, and more.

The smart home is truly here. Kids leaving lights on in every room? Turn them off with your smartphone. Sun baking one side of your home? Let your shades track the sun and react accordingly. Home automation saves you money but - more importantly - it saves you time, something we can always use more of.

These enhancements are just a few of many Surround Sounds automation systems will bring to your home and way of living.

We invite you to experience Universal Remote Control Systems in our showroom.

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Surround Sounds showroom is located in Chester County Pennsylvania, but we have done custom Home Theater design and installation business all across the nation.

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